Reach out to the shops or artists directly to set up your appointment during FL Groves!

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Emilio Gonzalez

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Tattoo Con
at Florida Groves, Orlando

Check back in soon for a list of artists and shops and how to reach out to
schedule your appointment for Florida Groves.

Florida Groves is all about music, art, and cannabis. And, what better way to remember the once-in-a-lifetime experience than with a piece of art on your body?

At our festival, you have the opportunity to get all kinds of tattoo designs done by world-class tattoo artists. You already know we’re canna-friendly, well, we’re ink friendly too! So make your way to one of our tattoo shops and schedule an appointment. Saving a spot is crucial – both on your body and in line, since many festival visitors want to visit a tattoo shop before the end of Florida Groves.

We’ve partnered with It’s A Fine Line Gallery & Tattoo Studio from Palm Coast to make this one-of-a-kind tattoo experience possible.


What Kind of Tattoo Art Styles Can You Get at Florida Groves?

At Florida Groves, we do all kinds of tattoo designs and don’t judge based on your preferences. We don’t care if you want a rainbow, a marijuana leaf, something american traditional or a goofy cartoon tattoo.

Some tattoo artists around the world may be hesitant to add a weed leaf image to their tattoo gallery, but our specialists don’t think that way. Feel free to improvise with the design and get exactly what you wish to have on your body.

Tattoo Shop with different styles of tattoos at festival in Orlando. Florida

Visit Our On-Site Tattoo Shop

No! You don’t have to leave the festival in order to get inked.

Everything we just mentioned is available on-site!

So, make your way to one of the shops, talk to the tattoo artist and see what your next move is. Schedule an appointment, figure out the design, and prepare yourself to get a tattoo.

Florida Groves is coming soon, so start thinking of unique tattoo designs to remember the festival forever!