Orlando Sneaker Convention
at Florida Groves Festival

Is your sneaker collection due for an addition? No matter how many pairs we seem to get, something fresher is always coming out the next week.

Sneakerheads always have the same issues, they have too many pairs, and they can’t always get the ones they want.

And, since the apps won’t let us hit a single raffle, the only way to get the pair you want is through a sneaker trade or by a visiting Orlando sneaker convention, like our Orlando sneaker convention.

orlando sneaker convention

Is There a Sneaker Show at Florida Groves Festival

YES! All true sneakerheads can visit the sneaker show at our festival and add a few pieces that increase the value of their collection.

Sneaker trades are always the best way to get a colorway or a size you couldn’t find anywhere else, so keep trading until you get what you came for.

Of course, there will be sneaker-showing booths and displays of everything that’s for sale. You don’t have to say goodbye to any of your kicks if you aren’t ready for it; just make sure you bring your wallet and hurry to the Orlando sneaker convention. If you’re a true sneakerhead, you know the most exclusive pairs are limited.

Different types of sneakers presented at a sneakers conference
Sneaker Con

How Do Sneaker Trades Work

If you’re new to the sneakerhead world, you should know about sneaker trades and how doing this can help your collection grow. Coming to a sneaker show with the pairs of kicks you want to “flip” is the first step in this.

There are always a few extra pairs you don’t seem to wear often enough. However, some other people may be looking for exactly that size and colorway.

Your goal is to trade the pairs you don’t want for one or more pairs you find value in. So, look around the booths and see which trade will make you the happiest at Orlando sneaker convention. Or, see how you can trade up and leave with a pair you can’t wait to wear.