Large Scale Murals and Graffiti at Florida Groves, Orlando

Seeing graffiti art & throwups in the street is already a fun experience. Imagine being at a festival where you can witness Orlando murals being painted live. If that seems like a fun activity you wish to be a part of, Florida Groves is the place for you to be at!

Graffiti art has spread all over the world, and it seems there’s no place on the planet that a few mural artists haven’t tagged. But the popularity this art form is getting doesn’t surprise any of us.

Large-scale mural paintings and graffiti drawings are challenging to do and can change the city’s entire dynamic. Just a few hours with some spray paint cans, and your local mural artists will give life to a building and send its bland, old exterior into oblivion. Well we’re bringing the walls to the festival & artists to the festival & its bound to be colorful!

Orlando live mural painting Florida Groves

Witness the Creation of Original Orlando Murals

Orlando murals have been decorating the city in an authentic way for years. All sorts of graffiti drawings can be seen throughout the city, and we’re seeing more and more mural artists become popular in the community.

Their tags have been seen on many buildings, but even the paintings that don’t have their name have their influence. One of the mural artists you could have seen perform at Florida Groves 2022 was @atomiko.

ATOMIK showed up and showed off his graffiti art skills during our live painting session. We plan on more of that as 2023 promises to bring more creative minds into the fold!

If you wish to witness more graffiti art being created, visit Florida Groves and check out our live painting section of the festival.



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Sol Intuit

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