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Glass Artist Roster

Curated by Orlando Glass Gallery & Orlando Glass Union

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Glassblowing Demo
at Florida Groves, Orlando

If you’ve never seen how glass items are made, you’re in for a hell of a treat. Shaping a mass of heated glass by blowing air through a tube is an art called glassblowing. At Florida Groves, you’ll have an opportunity to witness glassblowing artists do what they do best. From pipes to figurines to pendants; be sure to check out what they have for sale along with watching their live demos.

The art of glassblowing was invented by Syrian craftsmen in the 1st century BC, and while the technique hasn’t changed much to this day; the creativity & imagination of artists have developed tremendously over the years!


How Is Glassblowing Art Performed

Though glassblowing artists have been around for centuries, their art still amazes the audience. Modern glassblowers perfected the craft and spread the art into different niches. Lately, weed-related glassblowing has been blowing up, pun intended.

By blowing, swinging, and rolling the heated bubble on a smooth stone, glassblowing artists create all sorts of vessels. The performers can also manipulate the warm glass with their hands and other tools that help them get the more difficult shapes.

Moreover, handles, stems, and feet are attached to the base by welding. All of this may seem unreal until you witness a live glassblowing demo.

At Florida Groves, you’ll see glassblowing artists create a number of glass pipes, pendants, rings, and art sculptures.

Glassblowing live performance at Florida Groves Festival

Check Out Our Live Glassblowing Demo

Blowing glass isn’t just a job. It’s an art form that deserves an audience.

If you’ve never witnessed a live glassblowing demo, you’re in luck. Those who visit the Florida Groves festival are in for a treat.

The world’s finest glassblowing artists will be performing at the festival, and those who attend, have an opportunity to witness a once-in-a-lifetime show.


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