at Florida Groves

Florida Groves festival is all about cannabis, art, and music.

Through various music stages, art workstations, live art installations, and other exciting content, we allow you to enjoy all the art your mind, body and soul can handle.

If you’re coming to learn about cannabis or celebrate cannabis-you’re in the right place. You’ll have the opportunity to inform yourself about marijuana legalization, get more into cannabis education and learn a few things about growing marijuana yourself with Florida Legacy Growers, and growers from around the US participating throughout the weekend. The magical plant has so much to offer, and you can learn all about the effects of marijuana while listening to music or getting a tattoo.

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Stand for education about cannabis and legalization of marijuana

How to Consume Marijuana?

Marijuana legalization has led to 500,000+ people obtaining their medical marijuana card in Florida, giving them access to tons of dispensaries and many different types of products.

Many people interested in farming the plant themselves would like the right to be able to grow at home. Growing marijuana is a process that requires education, and if you’re interested in learning more about craft cannabis and medical marijuana, you should visit our festival.

Florida Groves highlights Florida Farmers and Companies, as well as groups from all over the United States. You’ll be able to purchase a plethora of legal products of all types and network with these unique groups and individuals. Craft strains and drops will be on display.

Get Medical Marijuana at Florida Groves

The legion of marijuana enthusiasts all over the US has developed numerous strains of the plant. Each has its own taste, smell, and other specific characteristics.

Some craft cannabis strains will give the consumer a dry mouth or get them to sleep better. Others will provide energy or enhance hunger. We’ve all been there when munchies hit, and no number of cookies seems to do the trick.

Florida Patients will be able to access a limited number of products from FL MMTC’s. More information on how to order and pick-up will become available in 2023.

Stand for medical marijuana at Florida Groves Festival at Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando